Imperial Stone is the newest distribtutor/wholesaler of Granite, Marble, Quartzite, and Quartz located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We bring in slabs from all over the world to have the largest selection of stone in the area. We distribute slabs all over Idaho, Norther Utah, Western Wyoming and Montana. We have a wide variety to fit any look you are trying to create while staying on budget. Our website is a live inventory site that allows you to get on at any time and see whats available in real time. With shipments coming in weekly you can also browse our "Coming Soon" feature to see what's going to be avaiable shortly or stop on by our location to see the slabs in person. 

Natural Stone   Quartz

Granite, Quartzite, and Marble are all natural stones with their own unique charactaristics. The natural beauty along with the variety of color options make natural stones such as granite a timeless option for countertops. Granite is durable, resisting scratches and being both heat and stain resistant. Marble is a litlle softer and less resistant to scratches and acidic substances. Quartzite is a natural stone (not to be confused with quartz) that provides the durability of granite while giving a look more similar to a marble. 

The downside to natural stones like granite, marble, and quartzite is yearly sealing to help maintain and keep the countertop from being stained. Aside from the yearly sealing of granite, marble, and quartzite, the natural stone is a durable timeless option for any countertop and there are plenty of color options to fit any design. 
  Quartz is an engineered surface made up ground natural quartz with a small percentage of polyresin. Quartz can be customized to produce virtually any style and color option for your countertops. Due to the fact that they are engineered, quartz countertops are non-pourous which seperates them from natural stone such as granite and marble. There is no need to seal these countertops as you would with granite and marble countertops. 

The one downside to quartz is excessive heat. If high heat levels are placed directly on the countertop a permanent burn mark can result from the resin melting. Heat resistance is the only charactartic in which quartz does not match or surpass that of granite, marble, or quartzite countertop options. 


Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Quartz, How to choose?

While choosing the right countertop material for your new construction or remodel project may seem overwhelming, this section will help in knowing which may fit best for you and your home. 

For low maintenance, durable countertops with a large variety of colors and styles, granite or quartzite would be a great choice for your countertops. Each is an extremely durable material with excellent stain and scratch resistance. 

If you love the look of marble for your countertops and you don't mind a spending a little more time maintaining (sealing once every few months) and being cautious to prevent acidic spills then marble is a great option for you. Granites and quartz material just can't match the marble look. 

If sealing your countertops does not appeal to you, although it is easy to do, then quartz is a great option, as long as you can excersice caution in avoiding hot pots and pan directly on the surface. Quartz is extremely durable and and with a variety of color options can be an excellent choice with the low maintenance as a bonus. 

While weighing the pros and cons of each material is important, the cons are very minimal. Choose a material for your countertops based off what looks best and what design/style you are going for. 

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